Learn more about the onboarding process and eligibility requirements.

Onboarding involves undergoing KYC/AML/CFT screening, executing the master lending agreement, and white-listing your wallet(s).

Sign Up Today!: If you're interesting in onboarding to OpenTrade, please contact us at contact@open-trade.io and one of our team members will contact you to begin the onboarding process. Please note we are prioritising companies on the wait list and anticipate a backlog. We apologise in advance for any delay.

Onboarding Steps

1. Undergo and Pass KYC/AML/CFT Checks

The onboarding process involves industry standard KYC/AML and sanctions screening, including but not limited to identity verification of directors and beneficial owners, sanctions screening, PEP screening, verification of company documentation and ownership structure, adverse media searches, verification of source of wealth, among others.

OpenTrade uses both internal and 3rd party providers to carry out due diligence during the onboarding process, which involves processing of sensitive personal data. For more information on our privacy policy, see here.

2. Execution of Master Lending Agreement

Once a Lender passes KYC/AML/CFT checks, they will enter into a Master Lending Agreement with the Borrower, which governs the lending activity done on the Platform. This will be issued to the Lender's appointed representative to be executed via Docusign.

3. White-Listing Supported Digital Asset Wallet

The final step is to white-list the wallet address you provided during the onboarding process. Only white-listed supported digital asset wallets can interact with the OpenTrade Platform. Once white-listed, you will be able to interact with the platform using this wallet.

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