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The OpenTrade Platform consists of a web application and API running on a blockchain protocol that supports a wide variety of lending and credit products.

Initial Products

OpenTrade's initial products built on the protocol are focused on structured credit products for tokenised real world assets ("RWAs"), including

  • Our Treasury Management Product & Yield Product, which enables Web3 and Web2 fintechs to power their own embedded yield products for their customers and enables institutional investors to better manage their treasury cash. LAUNCHED

  • Our Supply Chain Finance Product, which embeds USDC financing in existing b2b networks and systems, allowing borrowers to request and receive working capital finance including buyer and seller-led programs, recourse and non-recourse, pre and post shipment, and secondary market risk distributions. UNDER DEVELOPMENT - COMING 2024


The Platform has been designed to be extensible and composable across other Web3 applications. We're currently working on integrations with several other credit markets, market makers, and exchanges to provide more utility, liquidity, and possibilities to OpenTrade users.

Embedded & White Labeling

While we provide a user interface with our web application, users and partners can develop their own interfaces on the protocol and integrate with their existing systems.

Institutional Yield Infrastructure

Partners, like exchanges, custodians, and wallets can leverage OpenTrade's platform and legal framework to provide institutional grade yield products to their customers.

If you're interested in partnering with us or building on OpenTrade, please send us a message at contact@open-trade.io and a member of our team will be in touch.

Blockchain Protocol

OpenTrade's blockchain protocol is a fork of Perimeter, an open-source stablecoin lending protocol developed by Circle Research, a division of Circle Internet Financial LLC ("Circle").

The blockchain protocol is a series of smart-contracts deployed on Ethereum and Polygon that are based largely on ERC-2626 and ERC-20 standards. The protocol supports the end-to-end tokenization and lending flow.

Learn more about the blockchain protocol here:

⛓️Blockchain Protocol

Web Application

The web application is a cloud web application accessed through the browser. It provides an intuitive user interface, but others are free to develop their own interfaces on the protocol and it's designed to be composable across many different applications .

Learn more about the web application here:

🖥️Web Application

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