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Learn more about the interest and fees involved in Fixed Term Vaults.

Interest Rates

Confirmed Loan Fee Rate

Lenders will earn the Confirmed Loan Fee Rate, which is a fixed interest rate payable on loans made through the platform. Where interest rates are confirmed, this will be clearly labeled in the User Interface.

Calculating the Confirmed Loan Fee

The interest payable at maturity is calculated by applying the Confirmed Loan Fee Rate as specified in the Loan Confirmation to the principal amount of the loan for the number of days from and including the Loan Commencement Date until and excluding the Loan Maturity Date.

Indicative Loan Fee Rate

The Indicative Loan Fee Rate is the indicative interest rate on requested loans. This is to provide Lenders an estimate of the interest rate payable on requested loans.

Where interest rates are indicative, this will be clearly labeled in the User Interface.

Fee Table

Below is a list of the fees payable by the Borrower and Lender in relation to Loans made via the OpenTrade Treasury Management Product.

Fee NameFee TypePayable ByPayable ToDescription

Advisory Fee


OpenTrade SPC

Five Sigma Finance Ltd.

Covers ongoing costs of advising the Borrower in the acquisition and ongoing management of loan collateral and its segregated portfolios.

Platform Fee


OpenTrade SPC

Open Trade Technology Ltd.

Covers ongoing costs of developing and maintaining the platform and legal framework, including technology development, code audits, legal fees, accounting and audit fees, compliance costs, among others.

Early Withdrawal Request Fee

Fixed % deducted from the Amount of Loan to be terminated


Open Trade Technology Ltd.

A flat fee applied to the Loan Amount subject to an Early Withdrawal Request. This fee covers the transaction and processing costs associated with early termination of loan(s).

Confirmation of Fees

A Loan Confirmation will be issued by the Borrower to Lenders at the Loan Commencement which will contain the Confirmed Loan Fee Rate and all other fees in a legally binding document issued pursuant to the the Master Lending Agreement entered into between OpenTrade SPC and the Lender.

Payment of Fees

Fees are due and payable on each Payment Date.

Where a loan is terminated via an Early Withdrawal Request, fees will accrue daily on a 360 day year in respect of the period commencing on and inclusive of the Loan Commencement Date and terminating on the day an Early Withdrawal Request is made from the Lender to the Borrower.

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