⚙️Configuring Your TAP

Learn how to configure your Fireblocks TAP to interact with OpenTrade

Configuring Transaction Authorisation Policies (TAP) for OpenTrade Contracts

Fireblocks has a powerful Transaction Authorisation Policy engine which sets rules governing your interactions with both internal and external addresses and contracts.

At a minimum, most Fireblocks workspaces prohibit interactions with non-whitelisted addresses, so you must first whitelist OpenTrade contract addresses via the process above. Once whitelisted, you can configure a TAP that governs interactions with those whitelisted addresses.

Fireblocks will consider interactions with OpenTrade as Contract Calls. At a minimum, your TAP must allow for Contract Calls, including typed messages and approve transactions, with the OpenTrade contract addresses you've whitelisted.

The guide below shows a basic rule configuration for interacting with OpenTrade Loan Vaults.

There are many other possible rules and combinations of rules you could configure which depend largely on other TAPs you may have already configured in your workspace. It is your sole responsibility to ensure the safety and security of your workspace's TAPs.

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