🟢Loan Rollovers & Rollover Termination

Learn more about Loan Rollovers, where principal and interest is compounded and automatically rolled over into the next loan cycle.

What is Automatic Rollover?

With Automatic Rollover the principal and interest from one loan is automatically compounded and rolled over into a new loan in the next Loan Cycle. The rollover loan will commence on the Roll Date, which coincides with the Maturity Date for the previous loan cycle.

In this way, Lenders can continue to reinvest their principal and interest automatically for as long as they'd like too. If a Lender does not provide a Rollover Termination Notice via the Platform, the principal and interest on the loan(s) will compound and automatically be rolled over into a new 28-day secured loan with the same collateral type.

By default, all loans have Automatic Loan Rollover set to YES.

Loan Rollover can be terminated for loans in part or in whole. This means Lenders can choose to receive some or all of their principal and accrued interest at maturity.

Issuing a Rollover Termination Notice

If a Lender would like to to terminate Automatic Loan Rollover, they should submit a Rollover Termination Notice via the Platform at least two (2) business days before the Loan Maturity Date.

User Guide - Rollover Termination Notice

The principal and interest for the portion of the loan that has been terminated can be withdrawn by the Lender on the Payment Date by clicking "Withdraw USDC" and approving the transaction from your whitelisted wallet. After approving, vault tokens will be redeemed and the USDC will be sent to your whitelisted wallet.

Video Demonstration - Issuing a Rollover Termination

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