💬Loan Statuses

Learn more about the different states for loans in Fixed Term Vaults.

Loans can be in one of five different states depending on where they are in the transaction lifecycle. Below is a description of those states:


Loans with open investment windows that are accepting loans but have not yet commenced. Requested Loans represent the next loan cycle and will have an an Indicative Loan Fee Rate.


After the investment window closes and the loan is drawn by the Borrower, the Loan becomes Active on the Loan Commencement Date (T=0) and begins accruing Confirmed Loan Fee Rate and Fees.


Loans that have reached their Loan Maturity Date (T=28) but have not yet been settled. This applies to Loans in the Transfer Out Window.


Loans that have matured and all outstanding withdrawal requests for the Loan have been fulfilled.


Loans that have experienced a Default Event as defined in the Master Lending Agreement.

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