Lear more about how to withdraw loan principal from the Flexible Term EUR Vault.

Making a Withdrawal Request

Making a withdrawal request in a Flexible Term EUR Vault is a simple process.

  1. Connect your whitelisted wallet to the OpenTrade app

  2. Select the Flexible Term EURC Vault

  3. Click "Withdraw"

  4. Input the amount you'd like to withdraw

  5. Click "Submit Withdrawal Request"

  6. Approve in your wallet

  7. After the Withdrawal Processing Time, EURC will automatically be sent back to your wallet and the corresponding amount of tokens will be burned.

Withdrawal Processing Time

The Withdrawal Processing Time is the number of business days before a withdrawal will be repaid into your wallet.

The current Withdrawal Processing Time is 2 business days.

Withdrawal Cut-Off Time

The Withdrawal Cut-Off Time is the time in UTC before which withdrawal requests must be made to be considered same day. For withdrawals requests made before the cut-off time, they will be considered same day requests. For withdrawal requests made after the cut-off of time, they will be considered to have been made the next business day.

For withdrawal requests made on Non-Business Days (e.g. weekends and bank holidays), they will be considered to have been made on the next business day.

The current Withdrawal Cut-Off Time is 6pm GMT.

Withdrawal requests can be made anytime. The Withdrawal Cut-Off time is used to calculate when the withdrawal processing time starts and thus when it is due to be repaid.

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