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Learn more about how OpenTrade's Treasury Management & Yield Product works


OpenTrade's Treasury Management & Yield Product provides a technology platform, blockchain protocol, API, legal framework, and bankruptcy remote banking and custody infrastructure that

  1. Enables other Web2 and Web3 Fintechs to build and deploy white-labeled and fully embedded yield products for their customers

  2. Enables companies and institutional investors too better manage their own treasury cash

  3. Provides yield infrastructure for developers to build next generation financial markets applications


  • Earn stable, predictable returns that are uncorrelated to crypto prices and markets

  • Fully backed by most liquid, safe collateral on the market

  • Continue to operate entirely on-chain using your own wallet(s)

  • Earn superior risk-adjusted returns when compared to other DeFi offerings

  • Diversify yield generating activities

  • Bankruptcy remote custody and banking infrastructure ensures lenders are always protected

  • Third parties (e.g. exchanges, custodians) can power their own yield products by building on it

Key Details

  • Lenders enter into secured loans of USDC/EURC to OpenTrade SPC (the "Borrower")

  • OpenTrade SPC is a bankruptcy remote SPV operated by an FCA regulated investment firm

  • Lenders are secured by a Master Loan Agreement and a fully perfected security interest in the underlying loan collateral held in bankruptcy remote accounts with regulated FIs.

  • Loans pay a fixed or variable interest rate to Lenders in USDC/EURC over the tenor of the loan

  • Each Loan vault has specified eligible loan collateral, which is restricted to high quality liquid assets like US Treasury Bills and other short term sovereign debt.

  • Loans are fully collateralised by eligible loan collateral at all times.

  • This product is only available for institutional (and not retail) investors.

  • No securities lending or leverage is permitted at this time.

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