➡️Making Loans

Learn more about how to make loans in USDC via the Treasury Management Product.

During the Investment Window, Lenders can connect their white-listed Supported Digital Asset Wallet and lend USDC into one or more Treasury Management smart-contract vault(s).

In return, the Lender will receive vault tokens at the current exchange rate.

Vault tokens are issued to the Lender's whitelisted wallet. It is the sole responsibility of the Lender to ensure proper security and custody of the vault tokens it's issued.

Vault tokens are currently non-transferable and can only be issued to and redeemed by white-listed wallets that have undergone onboarding.

User Guide: How to Make a Loan

Please approve both the Spending Cap and Deposit transactions and wait for them to confirm on-chain before initiating another investment. If you start multiple concurrent investments without allowing them to complete, it can cause a transaction to fail because the Spending Cap approvals are not cumulative.

Video Demonstration

View the video to see how to lend USDC into a Loan Vault. The process is the same for both Fixed Term and Flexible Term Vaults.

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